Settle in the Virginia Colony!

We are the first and best colony!

Our Origins:

We were originally settled by the English in search of gold and other valuable resources for the Virginia Company. Although no gold was found, the new colony is perfect for growing tobacco!

Location and Geography

We are considered a southern colony, being the 3rd most south colony. The geography of Virginia is swamp-like, which is good for our crops but bad because it brings diseases such as Yellow Fever. In the inner land, there are waterways that keep the soil fertile and efficient. Our geography helps us exceed and be successful because it allows us to grow our cash crop, tobacco.

Key People to the Development of our Colony

Religion, Government, and Trade

The Virginia colonists worship the Anglican Church (Church of England). In 1624, a law made required colonists to stay with the Anglican Church.

The government of the colony first started off with the House of Burgesses. This governed with a local, colonial governor.

The southern colonies would trade all sorts of crops such as cotton, rice, rye, sugar, and tobacco (especially Virginia since its our cash crop). The most exported product from the colonies is tobacco, most coming from Virginia.

Major events

We have many major events that makes us unique from the other colonies. Some of the main events are:

1607- First settlement created; Indians attack and capture John Smith

1613- Pocahontas is kidnapped and brought to Jamestown

1622- Major massacre killing hundreds of colonists

1676- Bacon's rebellion occurred. The colonists revolted but was put down after Bacon died. The remaining supporters were killed.

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