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Marketing Automation With Lead Liaison Gives Business A Boost


Marketing Automation With Lead Liaison Gives Business A Boost

(November 1, 2013) – Modern communication has created new opportunities for business. But with new opportunities come new challenges. Do you have the right team working for you?

Lead Liaison is a company that provides easy to use, web-based, revenue generation software for “Business-2-Business” (B2B) marketing and sales. Lead Liaison helps businesses with three areas of revenue generation: sales prospecting; lead generation; and, marketing automation. The marketing automation software will allow you to align your sales, marketing and executive teams while generating more revenue, faster.

Lead Liaison‘s revenue generation products provide sales prospecting, lead generation, and marketing automation to help businesses drive traffic to their website and harness that traffic to generate more leads and grow revenue faster. Lead generation information is accessible through our software as a service (SaaS) web application, desktop applications and CRMs such as Salesforce.com. The Lead Liaison portfolio is unique; it is the only easy to use, real time solution created for both sales and marketers

Lead Liaison provides a plug-in to Microsoft Outlook 2007 called “Send & Track”. Send & Track seamlessly integrates into Outlook. Using Send & Track allows Sales and Marketers to send a message to any number of recipients (not just one), embed hyperlinks to your corporate website, and track recipients click patterns as they enter, and step through, your site after clicking a hyperlink. Sales and Marketing will know if the recipient followed through with the message and what they were interested in. This saves considerable time filtering out only interested recipients. More importantly, you will know when the recipient took action on the message. If they took action, they might be at their desk and it is a good time to follow up.

Lead Liaison provides a robust support infrastructure. We pride ourselves with a personal, intimate approach with our customers thereby offering first-level phone support and guidance by our Account Representatives. If second-level support is required Lead Liaison provides a ticket and tracking system to submit your question or issue.

Most support tickets are responded to within 24 hours. When opening a ticket, the Lead Liaison system will match your questions against our knowledge database to determine if an answer is available saving you precious time.

Lead Liaison takes lessons learned from other customers and adds them to our knowledge base for others to use. In fact, if Support Tickets are submitted and it is advantageous to post that support ticket onto our knowledge base; Lead Liaison can do that with a few clicks.

Lead Liaison has account Representatives who are ready to respond to new inquiries, quick questions, tips, or any other requests via a button in the header of the external web pages if you need quick help outside of the knowledge base.

Contact Information:

Company Name: Lead Liaison

Website: http://www.leadliaison.com