The handball

I will talking on handball


Handball is the seven players team and one of this man is Goalkeeper he keep the ball out of the Coal. In Iceland is very good team in men handball some is in Katar now.

First man handball was played at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, this play was outdoors. Women's team was play the first long time after on the years 1976 in summer Olympics.

One player is 60 minutes in the game. After 30 min is 15 - 20 minutes pause. This is the when playing handball.

Handball: handbolti - handball some games when they have ball to trow off in the field

Team: liðið sem spilar saman handbolta - when players play together

Field handball: handbolti á grasi, utandyra - handball outdoors in the field

Beach handball: also called sandball outdoor on the beach or sand

Field players: vallarmaður- sá sem er inn á vellinum - Fields that are out on the pitch

Goalkeeper: markmaður sá sem er i markinu og passar upp á að boltinn fari ekki inn i mark. Goalkeeper some is in the goal to keep the ball out

Throw-off: When the ball going out of the field:

Throw-in: When the ball is going in the goal

Goalkeeper-throw: When goalkeeper throws the ball

A free-throw: When the play had restarts after an interruption by the referees. It takes places from the spot where the interruption was caused, as long as this spot is outside of the free-throw line.