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WHAT IS BINARY??????????????

binary is a form of communication used by computers consisting of 1's and 0's. A grid is laid out and with the number 1 on the right and the number doubling every square to the left it goes. under those numbers the is either a 1 or a 0, one meaning the number above is activated or on, and 0 meaning the number above is off. All the on numbers are added up and that is what number it equals. There are different types of binary, called Nbit. (N being number) the number = the amount of times the number gets doubled, so 4 bit would have the numbers 1 2 4 and 8. 8 bit, the most common form of binary, goes all the way up to 128, and when all numbers are added up they get to 255, which is the highest number 8 bit binary can use. Binary's other name is base 2, because it has 2 digits. Maths in binary is long and tedious, because of the large amount of digits being wrote down. it is possible though, 00000111 + 10000000 = 10000111. simple right? but long. It is so simple because binary is just adding numbers together, so adding binary means you just have to add some more. it gets harder though. Although binary is to long for traditional appliances, the is a binary clock. this consists of 1 row of 5 bit binary at the top and 2 rows of 6 bit binary ate the bottom. this makes it possible to write the time in binary, but by the time you have worked out the time it may have changed.

AND NOW....... DENARY!!!!!!!!!!!

Denary is the form of counting that the English language uses (0123456789) and is also called base 10, because it has 10 digits. It is the most common form of counting and is very easy to read. However, in computer terms it has to many states, so binary is preferred. Denery maths is easy, because the numbers simply pile on top of each other (9, 10, 11, 12, 13 etc) and slowly go up. this makes easy to read quickly and preferable to the written hand. This makes it useful for clocks and other appliances which require fast reading and precision while not taking up much space. Can you imagine having to write 8 digits just to count up to 255? that is why binary is not liked in the world of mathematics.