Happy New Year All Stars!

Just a note!

Hello All Stars!

Happy New Year!
I feel SO EXCITED today! It's technically a holiday and most are probably taking a long weekend. I do not blame anyone for that! I feel compelled to START 2016 NOW in my business!

Have you heard of people picking a "Word of the Year"? They choose this one word that will be a representation of their year. They put all big moves, big decisions, and even day to day activities and focus up against this word and decide if it fits their word or not. There is a great book called One Word That Will Change Your LIfe. There's another book called My One Word. And this blog article on that concept: How One Word Can Change your Year. They talk about picking one word. There are several blogs and resources for help on picking YOUR one word. My word of advice, don't rush! Yes, it's January 1st, but if you pick your word over a few days or a couple weeks, it will STILL be powerful. But it will only be powerful if you USE it! Keep that word in front of you!

My word is GROW
. I shared this with the leaders in my SED lineage. I've printed this out and it's hanging on my desk as a reminder.

We have some financial goals and I have a fantastically fun business where it's up to me to GROW it and at the same time GROW my paycheck. There are other just as important things that I will grow that will play a supporting role in growing my business.
I will grow my relationships. Family and friends' relationships will give me strength and my why! Team relationships will give me motivation when I know I'm helping with their why! Customer relationships will grow my business because repeat orders, hosts, and referrals will come easier when they trust and know me.
I will grow healthy! This will give me energy and stamina to do everything and I will feel powerful and in control of my body.
I will grow in my faith! I cannot do the above while ignoring where my hope comes from. My hope comes from the Lord. Growing will have challenges and I will need to draw upon strength outside of myself. I believe that this must come from my faith.
Through all of this I will grow my belief in myself and in my business. I will grow my sense of responsibility, owning that my actions and INactions have consequences. Genetics, injuries, mental makeup, economy, and outside influences (people and things) are only poor excuses for my current situation. My why is stronger than ever. And I will GROW!

Will join me in picking a word of the year for your business? For your life? Post about it on our Team Westerhoff All Stars Facebook Group!

Growing moment by moment,


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It is ON! Ready, Set, Sell is HAPPENING NOW!

You can earn Ready, Set, SELL from December 30th - January 20th by selling $600, $1200, or $1800 in that time frame? WHY those numbers? $600 is the company wide party average! Thirty-One wants to get new Spring/Summer product in your hands. Hold and submit ONE, TWO, or THREE average parties during that time period and it's all FREE FREE FREE for you! They've also given us the opportunity to BUY the Seasonal Add-On Kit which is a great deal on some products.

WHY do you want to earn it?

  • Activity you do NOW and in January sets you up for a strong Spring/Summer 2016!
  • LOTS of FREE products and business supplies to set your season off perfectly!

Are you ready? What can you do to earn RSS?
  • The NUMBER ONE WAY and the easiest way to earn RSS is to PARTY PARTY PARTY! But you can supplement that with these other ways:
  • Host a Last Chance, First Glance Party! January is the last chance to purchase from FW 2015-2016 Catalog! Help people come out of the post holiday blues with a PARTY!
  • Get Organized Challenge! Our January special is AWESOME! Offer to help friends/familyi/customers to tidy up some areas in their home with Thirty-One!
  • Work that Retirement List! Do you have customers who love a retiring print or product? Let them know that they need to order before they're gone! Preferably before the 20th, obviously!


  • If you do not have your parties booked, BOOK THEM! People are busy now, but they also have a lot more downtime after Christmas and before New Year's.
  • Watch who opens your newsletter and who orders from your outlet sale - they might want to party!
  • Fill out your Who Do You Know? List (formerly List of 62)
  • Watch your PV! You do not want to get to January 21st and see that you are $20 short of the next level of RSS! Or even if you are $100 or $200 short, you can get on the phone to collect a few orders because you will get so much more!
  • Do not give up before you've started! As you have seen, people have $1200, $1500 parties! HOSTESS COACH your parties so that you can make the MOST of your parties!


As I said, my word is grow and part of that is through my relationship with YOU! Knowing more about you and your goals will help us grow together! Please take some time to fill this out! This will help me help you. It will also help us as a group to determine where we might focus our trainings, newsletter topics, etc. Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this short survey.
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Our To Do List!

  1. Order Spring/Summer 2016 Business Supplies
  2. Begin to gather the names of people you are sending the catalog to ASAP! A survey using Google forms is a great idea!
  3. Order your Spring/Summer Seasonal Add On Kit
  4. Register for your Better Together Meeting (formerly C&C) that happens the week of February 19th. Go to TOT and click on Attend an Event.
  5. Keep working on earning Ready, Set, Sell! This will help you SO MUCH!
  6. When did you party in December? Tell me so I can add it to our calendar! Drawing for $100 Visa Gift Card is on 1/4! Add your January and February Parties, too! Email me or add them on our Facebook Group - calendars are pinned at the top of the page!
  7. Schedule your KICK OFF PARTY for Spring/Summer 2016 for the first week of February! We are calling it KICK OFF WEEK! Do you want to do an open house to show off all that's new? Do you want to get some great FIRST HOSTESSES to help you with your Kick Off? Earning RSS and getting the Add On Kit will help you be able to have new Spring/Summer 2016 products to show, but if you do not, get the Add On Kit and CATALOGS! If not, remember that a LOT of the current products are carrying over. Many that people you know haven't seen at ALL! It doesn't matter if they are from Fall/Winter. They could very well be NEW to them!
  8. Have fun! Our business is FUN! If it's gotta be done, make it fun!
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Announcing our LeadHERship Retreat for Leaders in our SED lineage!

Every year we have a Leader retreat for leaders and up and coming leaders in my SED lineage. This time our National Executive Director is kind enough to offer up her Farm in Tennessee as our retreat location! We will see where it all happens for her!

If you are a Senior Consultant looking to promote to Director, you can get an invitation when you meet certain criteria in your business. Talk to me about this if this is your goal!

If your sales are at least $1000 a month
If you have 3 PEQA - 2 being relatively new
If your team sales are strong
If you consistently recruit new team members
These are some of the things that we will be looking at as we make our list of qualifying Senior Consultants.
It is an amazing event and those who have attended usually grow their business and they for sure make deep connections with their sisters in leadership! It is one of the MANY perks of leadership with Thirty-One Gifts!

How to reach me!

If you want to talk about your business or ask me any questions, feel free to reach out to me! I do not have specific office hours because I love that my business is flexible and that I can take it on the road! My goal is to reply ASAP (often immediately!) but if not, within 48 hours. If for some reason I don't, it's likely I didn't get your message. You are not bothering me if you try again.