Influences Climate,Soil&Vegetation

How the 3 have impact on where Canadians live. By: Shivaani


Climate Graph for Toronto, Ontario

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  • It is very stale to be living in 1 season for a long period of time, all 4 seasons gives a variety in everyday life.
  • All the months on the climate graph are above the average growing season ( so the quality of soil distribution in Canada is above average for all 12 months of the year ) and good for farmers

Vegetation Blooms to appeal for Canadians

Why plants are important?
Vegetation is not only good for your health, But it is also considered a "green way" of living. many of the new high rises in Toronto and many other places have a designated green space to attract such Canadians.

Our action towards Climate Change

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Many organizations towards reducing and spreading awareness on climate change in Canada
Being ahead of climate change, the newer generations will find a liking to be apart of this. They would not want to live in a place with lots of air pollution and etc, which also connects to vegetation, and how vegetation cleans up air and also has influences on where the Canadians live.
  1. Climate has a huge amount of influence on where Canadians live; Climate can affect day-to-day activities, health, agriculture and the environment in which we live.
  2. Vegetation is important to live a healthy lifestyle, but it will also help cut down on the mass incarceration of animals. for those reasons and many more, it appeals to Canadians.
  3. All 4 seasons has many benefits in Canada. most of the months in different areas are above the growing season which is beneficial for many gardeners and farmers (which also creates much more vegetation)
  4. Climate change is a huge issue, And can of course has influence on where Canadians live.