Give A Boy A Gun


Give a boy a gun takes place in Middletown High during the past. The main conflict in the story is two boys are being bullied and harassed by the Jocks in Middletown High. The book begins with one of the boys name Brendan having to move into a new house and having to transfer to another school.

Character Analysis

The main character is Brendan. Three words to describe the main character are scared, angry, and emotionless. The character is motivated by getting bullied but he's angry and he is tired of it happening to him and his friends. I like the main character because he don't bother no one and he's tired of the Jocks bullying him.


The theme of the novel is people would start doing suicide stuff because of being bullied. One example that supports the theme is Brendan and Gary are getting bullied. Another example is Brendan and Gary are tired of it and wants to do something about it. A third example from the book is Brendan and Gary stole guns from a neighbor. A final example that supports theme is Brendan and Gary went to the school dance and killed everyone with the guns.


Yes, teens can relate to this novel because things like this happens everyday. People are being bullied everyday and suicide happens everyday as well. Well as for me I never been bullied nor bullied anyone and I never will bully people and I will not let anyone bully me.