Marvelous Mars

Written and illustrated by Molly Mason

Mars and its name

Did you know that Mars’ highest peak is three times as big as Mount

Everest? Mars has always been a mystery planet to people on Earth. It looks like a red disk, in the sky. It’s red because it comes from the red dust on its surface. The planets’ red color gets intense when the dust gets spun by strong winds. Mars was named after the Roman God of War. People called it that because a long time ago they thought the red color came from blood. Since wars cause bloodshed, they named it the God of War.

Similarities Between Mars and Earth

Does Mars have seasons? Yes, it tilts on an axis so it does have seasons. Earth and Mars are similar in some ways. Earth spins and tilts

on an axis and orbits around the sun like Mars. There are ice caps at Mars’ poles just like Earth’s poles. There are also some differences between them. Mars has a lot of craters in it, just like our moon. Mars is a lifeless desert with dust storms, while Earth has life. Mars has a thin atmosphere so people can’t live there.

Life on Mars

Did you know that there might be aliens on Mars?Astronomers

have been searching for life on Mars for a long time. There might have

been life in the past, but not now. A rock photographed by a spacecraft looked like a human face. Some people it is a message from aliens.

Mars’ Past

People still are looking for life on Mars. In 1997, NASA sent up a robot to look around the surface and to explore. This was the first robot to explore another planet. In less than one minute it found tons of information. The robot found what the soil was made of, and it once had flowing rivers. Also, the robot got lots of samples of rocks, but Mars is still a mystery to people on Earth.