Roaring Twenties-

The Roaring Twenties was an economic boom period that had a positive effect on the daily lives of many (but not all Americans). New technologies such as the automobile, airplanes, radios, and new appliances improved people's lives. However, some such as sharecroppers, farmers, and underpaid factory workers were not able to enjoy the rising standard of living.


Was a US Nationwide ban for all sales.


-made families happier,

-prevents industrial accidents,

-Made ice cream! IMAGES



Description of Jazz-

Jazz is a music that was joined by cornets, flutes, Clarinet, and so on. It wad mostly played by African Americans, and Europeans. There are also different variaties of Jazz, such as pop Jazz, slow Jazz, smooth Jazz, acid Jazz, and so on!

Two popular Jazz musicians-

19th Admendment-

Was passed in 1920 giving all the women the right to vote. It was a result of the contributions woman made during the Great War.

Harlem Renaissance-

There were three messages that wanted to share during the Harlem Renaissance:

1.) They wanted to end discrimination,

2.) Wanted to right poems about African Americans lives,

3.) Jacob Lawrence created several series, or groups of paintings that were about African American lives.

An example of a product during this genre is a poem by Langston Hughes, called," I, too, am America."


The man who invented the first ever radio was Marconi.
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How did the radio make America a common culture?

It lets us know what's going on all around America, and we get to listen to songs that were recorded, and people get to listen to sport shows.