Perseverance; the key to success

Abby Stankus

How is perseverance defined?

Perseverance is defined in many ways. It can be defined as never giving up or never giving in to adversity. But for others its more than that. As lauren hill says “Life isn’t fair, people will always have things happen to them that will knock them down but it's bouncing back to ones feet that's the most important.” This is how she defines perseverance. Perseverance is defined a little bit differently for everyone. For me, perseverance is defined as not letting one thing knock you down, and its getting back up after getting knocked down.

Lauren Hill (Description)

Lauren hill faced many adversities in her life. From being told she had cancer from being told she had less than two years left to live. Even in the toughest times she never gave up. Her parents said that she never give up before cancer and she wasn't going to start now. Before Lauren died she wanted to make a memory that she wouldn't forget, to play a college basketball game, which she did. She also scored the first basket of the NCAA season. Lauren played the game with a tumor. She has inspired others to live their lives to the fullest. You never know what’s going to happen and one day you could find something out that will change your life. Lauren put up a good fight and lived a good life. When she was diagnosed with a brain tumor she showed resilience, she didn't let that bring her down, she just adjusted to the change.

Winston Churchill Timeline (Sequence)

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Noble Experiment (Compare and Contrast)

Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey
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“Sweet Smell of Success” - John Mautner (Problem and solution)

John seemed to have it all. He had a job as a financial analyst, nice house in one of the loveliest places in the United States, and a wife. But he was frustrated, where he was working would never give him the personal or financial freedom he was looking for. He always dreamed of starting his own business, but he was tired of dreaming. He risked everything he had, even when his family members and friends told him he was crazy, too go start his own business in Orlando with his wife. In Florida he was struggling financially, so his wife got a job working full time as a nurse to support the both of them. His plan wasn’t working so he decided it had to change. He needed a great location for his cart. The best site in Orlando was Universal Studios. He would call every day for a month until he got a call back. Finally the vice president agreed to a meeting. During the meeting, they agreed to his proposal. John served everybody. Within the first month he made $40,000. At the end of the first year he made $1 million.

Jackie Robinson (Cause and Effect)

Jackie Robinson faced many adversities in his life. But it was being resilient and showing courage that made him a "living and breathing monument to U.S civil rights." Jackies dream was to be in the majors, an all-white baseball league. But being African American it was hard because they weren't treated as equal as whites. He was a great baseball player. Not many people could see that because of his skin color. But Branch Rickey did. Rickey helped Robinson in many ways to make his dream come true. What Robinson did took courage to show that color shouldn't impact if you can play in the majors or not. Robinson held back his combativeness when other teams, coaches or fans would say something negative. Fighting back would prove the point that everyone else was trying to prove, that it was just going to cause trouble and African Americans shouldn't be allowed in the majors. But he proved them all wrong.

What can we learn from the perseverance of others?

Life can be very difficult at times but when reading these stories it inspires you to keep trying and persevering. The people in the stories went through major adversity, but they managed to not give up and persevere. Its people like them that inspire others to persevere. Not everyone goes through perseverance as big as Jackie Robinson or Lauren Hill, but everyone does experience some type of obstacle in their life. Even if its small you still have to persevere and learn to not give up for when a bigger obstacle comes.