Second Grade Newsletter

Mrs. Barita, Ms. Cromis, Mrs. Carrasco

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Lifework-September 7-11

  • Monday: No School, Read 10 minutes
  • Tuesday: Read 10 minutes, Spelling Words- Rainbow Style-use 3 colors
  • Wednesday: Read 10 minutes, Spelling Words- ABC order
  • Thursday: Read 10 minutes, Spelling Words-Write each word 3 times-test tomorrow
  • Weekend: Read 10 minutes each night

Spelling Lifework

Spelling lifework will be assigned every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Spelling tests are given on Fridays. We will provide the word lists in advance because we know our families are busy and may want to get started on lifework assignments early. Students will also record the word lists in their agendas each week. The lifework assignments will follow the same rotation most weeks. Please have your student complete spelling lifework in their lifework journal. We will give the students many reminders to bring their journals home.

Spelling Words-test on September 11th

The first few weeks will be a review of vowel sounds and sight words.

  1. branch
  2. past
  3. that
  4. sent
  5. left
  6. help
  7. pick
  8. quit
  9. fix
  10. shop
  11. lost
  12. off
  13. jump
  14. lunch
  15. must

Back to School Night

Tuesday, Sep. 29th, 7pm

9305 Stonewall Road

Manassas, VA

Please join the second grade teachers in the dining hall at 7:00p.m.

Encore Rotation Day 1-6

Barita: Library, Music, PE, Art, PLTW, PE

Carrasco: Music, PE, Art, PLTW, PE, Library

Cromis: PE, Art, PLTW, PE, Library, Music

*NEW for 1st-2nd graders this year is Project Lead the Way (PLTW). This class will focus on STEM activities.

Lunch Schedule

Mrs. Cromis 11:00-11:30

Mrs. Carrasco 11:03-11:33

Mrs. Barita 11:06-11:36