By: Jesse Brockman


1. What turned out good?

My car went fast but not as fast as it could have gone(13.96)

2.What did I have fun with during this project?

During this project I had fun making the car I thought I did a good job.

3.What could I do better or change?

I could have made my car less in weight and more arrow dynamic.

4.My least favorite part was...

When we raced, and the reason behind that id because I did not make it to the finals.


  • What is speed?

Speed is distance divided by time. Say you traveled 20 feet in 10 seconds that means your speed is 2 mph.

  • What effects the speed?
To get a lot of speed your car needs to be arrow- dynamic, light weight, and have the wheels on right.

  • What technology helps improve emission, gas mileage, and safety?
The materials used, the wheels, and arrow-dynamics of a car


I predicted that my car would go average speed because of the fact that my car was big and kind of heavy, it also was not the most arrow-dynamic car in the class so that's why I predicted it would be slow.

And I was right it was not the fastest car in the class but no the slowest.