Nighty Night HD

A great bedtime story app for young children

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Developer – Fox and Sheep GmbH

Age Range – 2 to 6 year olds

Subject – Literacy

Rating – 74/100

Price – £2.49 / $2.99

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Nighty Night! HD is a beautifully designed app that is full of charm and originality. It has already become an integral part of the daily bedtime routine in many homes. The idea is for children to assist in the process of putting animals on a farm to sleep. They have to visit each animal in turn and can interact with them before switching off the lights. Each light switch is different and they range from ordinary switches to push buttons. The positions also vary but they are easy enough for children to find and operate without adult prompting.

At this point, the animals settle down and go to sleep. When they are all safely tucked in, the narrator gently says “Wait a second, someone is still awake. Do you know who that is? Yes. that’s you.” The child is then encouraged to switch off their own lights and go to sleep.

Such a simple idea for an app but it is wonderfully executed. The artwork and animations are exquisite and it was not a surprise for me to learn that the creator, Heidi Wittlinger, has an Oscar nomination to her name (2002 best animated short). The animations are complimented by the soft lullaby music and soothing tones of the narrator.

Nighty Night HD is an app that is perfect for helping children settle down and prepare for sleep. It does not contain any adverts but extra animals can be bought via in app purchases. There are two of these – Animals Set 1 contains a rabbit, cats and a pony while Animals Set 2 includes a spider, a goat and storks. I think you will find that there is already enough content in the app to keep your child amused and in any case it is the sort of activity that you are likely to do with your children after you have read them a story, so you do not want it to last too long. However, if Nighty Night! HD does become an integral part of your child’s bedtime routine you may want to look at these other animals just to give some variety.


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