Kira's Oily Resources

February 2016

Your Nose Knows

The response our body displays by disliking the smell of a certain oil is our bodies defense mechanism from toxins in our body. Young Living essential oils vibrate at a much higher frequency than the toxins we harbor within. Yay, that's a good thing! As soon as we smell the oils their constituents are already acting upon the toxins. In response, the toxins send a message to the brain “stop smelling that, we don’t want to be displaced” and then we say “yuck that smells bad” and we stop using it keeping the toxins right where they are lodged.
If the smell bothers you, YOUR body needs it physically. If you DO LIKE the smell then your body needs it emotionally.
Gary Young said if you don’t like lavender (or any other oil) its because your body is toxic and needs a cleanse. Our bodies hold so much wisdom. We should just listen. If you do have a negative response to an oil you can help yourself by taking a relaxing detox bath. It is easy to do too! Fill your tub with the hottest water you can tolerate. Add 1 cup epsom salt, 1/2 cup baking soda and 2 to 3 drops of essential oil. Get in the bath tub and enjoy a soak for 20 minutes. Before, during and after your detox bath you need to drink LOTS of water to help flush the toxins from your system. If you have mobility issues or just won't take a bath you can do the same process and do a foot bath.

JOY- A Love Story

Joy is an oil I apply over my heart daily. It makes me feel calm and just plain happy. A fellow Lemon Droppper shared this story she heard at a convention this past fall. I love, love, love it!!!

Gary Young created this blend in 1992 and it was originally called Love but he changed it to Joy in 1993. He said he met a woman at a small class he was doing and she asked how to make her husband not hate her oils, he complained every time she diffused and told her to get it out of there. Gary said “well I have never known a man that smells his shorts before he puts them on” and instructed her to put a few drops of Joy on his shorts every day and also his shoes. She spoke to Gary a while after and said it was not working. He suggested diffusing it in their home but turning it off and opening all of the windows to get the aroma out of the house before her husband returned home. He explained that you are only ridding the fragrance, not the frequency. The frequency would be retained by the baseboards, by the home. The smell was not necessary.
She called him 4 months from when she originally spoke to him and was crying. He was a little worried and she explained that she did what he said every day but he came home early and caught her in the act of diffusing. She was instantly defensive and expected him to yell and instead he asked “what is that smell?” She responded by saying “oh it is just Love”. He said “well how come you never used it before? I like it.” Then she said he walked over to her, embraced her, kissed her and told her he loved her for the first time in 27 years. They sold their farm and built a YL business.
Super cool story, right? Now, go diffuse your Joy before the hubby gets home

Thanks all!

I am so happy to share my experiences with the oils and how they are helping myself and my family. I love to research and learn more about these amazing natural healers. If you would ever like more information please let me know. Happy valentine's day to you and yours. ♡ Kira