Pressly Agenda for April ERPD

Updataing Our Recipe for Student Success

What do we need to accomplish?

We will...

  • identify the needs of our community using the Restorative Justice strategies
  • analyze data to support decision making as we update our SIP
  • identify engaging classroom practices to provide quality instruction
  • collaborate with others in our community
  • identify processes for tracking and sharing student data
  • Reflect on our practice

How will we learn it?

  • Participating in a Restorative Justice Circle with our peers
  • Reviewing and updating the School Improvement Plan
  • Sharing Technology tools for instruction
  • Modeling Classroom Management Basic Skills
  • Collaborating with our grade level
  • Complete PDP
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PLC Expectations

Where are we in our teaching standards?

What is pertinent to address before the end of the year?

What strategies will we use to teach the concept?

What test taking strategies do we need to train?

Incorporate any best practices you learned from March 2015 ERPD to answer the questions above.