The American Progressive Period


Main Point about Education

In the beginning of this period, children worked in factories with their parents. This limited educational opportunities. Then Progressive passed laws that reduced the number of hours children worked in factories, and By 1920 all states had laws that required children to attend elementary school.

Role of Teacher

Teachers were considered professionals. They wanted freedom in the classroom to expand lessons and make them fun/creative.

Schools Curriculum

At this point schools were still segregated. African American children had to attend separate public schools and received less funding. Many felt that the curriculum was too standardized and that students should be encouraged to think critically and independent rather than simply memorize information.



John Dewey published

his first book on education.


Plessy vs Ferguson

(allow "separate but

equal" policy in schools.


Uniform textbook

state law passed


A compulsory school

attendance law passed


Smith Hughes law of

national vocational education