By: Lily Antos

The Cell Theory

The Parts of the Cell Theory

The living things are composed cells. All cells are basic units of structure and function in life. All cells are made from other cells.

Robert Hooke

Robert Hooke discovered the cell in 1665. He had studied a very thin slice of cork under a microscope. He called them cells because of the cells he monks used.

Rudolf Virchow

Rudulf Virchow was the first scientist to find the leukemia cell. Virchow was the first to accept and plagiarize Robert Remak's work. In 1855 Virchow published Remak's work as his own

Matthias Schleiden

In 1838 Matthias Schleiden discovered that plants compose cells. He stated that plant growth was from the production of new cells. He also had stated that cells are a basic e building block of all plant matter

Theodor Schwann

Theodor Schwann showed that yeast are tiny plant like organisms. He examined animal tissue and tadpoles. In 1839 he said that all living things have cells in them.

Anton van Leeuwenhoek

Anton discovered the cell in 1670 about five years after Robert Hooke had discovered the cell. He discovered bacteria with a drop of pond water. He also had opened the entire world of microscopic life to scientists. He had made 400 microscopes and the could magnify objects up to 275x