By Kyleigh Schipman

Why do people exercise?

  • Exercising benefits your body in many ways.
  • It gives you better coordination.
  • If you start exercising your heart and lungs become strong.
  • The more exercise you get shows how active you are.
  • When you get stronger muscles you get more comfortable and relaxed.
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If You don't exercise

  • If your don't exercise regularly, your muscles will lose their tone
  • Your muscles will become soft,and you will be " out of shape."
  • Your muscles will become aching after you start to exercising.
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Reasons for exercising!!

  • If people wants others to start exercising ans stay fit lower the prices to healthy food rather than having the junk food low priced.
  • You can do many things for exercising for instance running, walking, rake leaves all those help.
  • everyone who does this stuff daily will stay fit and have a better healthier bodies.
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