Wonderfull and fun sport activity

Why this sport activity is impotant?

Baseball is importent sport from many reasons:

One this sport assistant to education because if you get into the team baseball in your high school when you move to college you can get scholarship.

Second, baseball improves your agilty, power, speed, coordination that they are importent thing in baseball game.

What special in this sport?

The special thing in this sport activity is the baseball is one of the sports activities which does not focus on one athletic skill but many other athletic skills such as agility because the field shape is diamond, speed, power, and coordination.

The baseball world record

World record: Man catches baseball dropped from 1,200ft

Look up !

Get up !

But never give up !

This slogan say we need to look up to catch the ball and when we fall we should get up and not give up

Baseball players


Avi Levi and Lahav Joshua