Assessment for Learning

Key Strategies

Assesment for Learning: Key Ideas

After viewing the video on Assessment for Learning I found the key ideas for the video were the five step strategies and the some helpful suggestion that went with the strategies. I enjoyed reading all five strategies because working in head start each strategy has a place in my classroom for both my students and myself. I work with younger students and in the video it mentions "proving feedback that moves learners forward" (Rystad, M,2013). I am a true believer that providing positive feedback moves learning forward, but continuing to provide learners with negative feedback can only cause them to stay where they are with their learning, or move back and that is not the intentions of any teacher who wants students to succeed.

I am a firm believer that the best way to learn is to research and figuring information out, but sometimes not all information can be process as quickly, or easily as other information. With this said I feel that the suggestion of the" C3B4ME" (Rystad, M. 2013) is a great idea. Students sometimes will set back and wait for the teacher to give them the answer and this is not promoting learning. I strongly agree that having students research at least three sources before reaching out to the instructor is a great idea. This allows the student to be active in their own learning without relying on the instructors resources all the time.


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"Do not handicap your children by making their lives easy". Robert Heinlein


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