Stop Cyberbullying

This has to stop Don't pay attention to the bully block

What is cyberbullying?

cyberbullying is the act of bullying online.

Examples of bullying

  • mean text messages and mean emails or posts are signs of cyberbullying
  • Rumurs shared or exposed is cyberbullying
  • embarrassing pics or videos are also signs of bullying

Three diferences between cyberbullying and bullying

  • cyberbullying can happen 24 hours a day
  • cyberbullying involves the online world
  • cyberbullying can happen over night

Effects of cyberbullying

  • Use of alchol and drugs
  • skipping school
  • receiving poor grades
  • lower self-esteem
  • Have more health problems

Prevention and Awareness

  1. parents should know the sites their child is going on
  2. ask a friend to follow their kids on social media
  3. Ask for the kids passwords so you can log on their account
  4. have a sense of what they do online
  5. Establish rules on what their online limits are

Establishing Rules

  1. be clear of the sites their on.
  2. show them how to be safe online.
  3. help them be smart about what to post or saw online

Reporting a cyberbully

  1. Tell a parent immediately
  2. separate the kids involved
  3. make sure everyone is safe

Report to your online service provider

  • Report to law enforcers
  • Report to service provider
  • Report to schools

Report to your local law enforcers

  • Threats of violence
  • Child pornagraphy or sexting
  • Stalking of the victims

Report to your school