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January 7th, 2016

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Happy birthday to...


Click the Smore link above for more information about this workshop!

Who: Dr. Nikki Newton
When: Friday, February 12th, 8:30-3:30
Where: San Antonio, TX



The Wonder Cafe is a structured, expedient, and light way for students and staff to have discussions on topics that are important to them. In groups, participants write questions or topics they wonder about, want to discuss, or want help in. The Wonder Cafe gives everyone voice and choice to explore their wonder moments. Click on the link below for more information as well as a free download.


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Attention: Click on the link above for more information!

K-8 students, teachers and families are invited to join us for a free night of fun, hands-on activities that explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math!

  • Digitally design and create wood carvings for your Valentine

  • Learn more about automated convoy technology

  • Observe waveform demonstrations

  • Build your own Aeolian harp

  • Plus, don’t forget to visit our 3-D photo booth!


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Since we don't often have a chance to share celebrations as a group, please feel free to send your celebrations to Laura Sites and we can share through our 'Smore!

Cheri Look would like to introduce to you her precious grandbaby born on Christmas morning!

Welcome Brynne McCall Hogan!
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10 Things You Don't Know About Janeen Bailey...

10. Had her first teaching gig when she was six, teaching her younger next door neighbor everything she learned at school. Her student went on to attend a school for gifted and talented children.

9. Last year she was a finisher in the Rugged Maniac, mud and obstacle run.

8. Before becoming a teacher, she managed for Casual Corner, the women’s clothing store.

7. Plans to hike the Appalachian Trail, 2181 miles, by spreading it out over several summers.

6. She can whistle louder than most men.

5. She can wiggle her ears.

4. She was sent to the principal’s office twice in elementary school. Once for wearing shorts under her skirt, and once for hiding in the library with her best friend to avoid going on the school field trip to the opera.

3. She has participated in the MS 150, the bicycle ride from Houston to Austin, four times.

2. She is a two time member of the Polar Bear Plunge into Barton Springs on New Year’s Day.

1. David Copperfield made her disappear off the stage and reappear in the audience at Bass Concert Hall.

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