Genre Project

12 exciting types of reading


Fantasy is fiction that uses magic with imaginary setting and plot. In fantasy you're making your own imaginary place that can allow magic ,flying animals, talking trees basically anything fake /fiction things.


Adventure books are books where the protagonist(hero)and other characters are traveling and while they are traveling they are placed through a series of challenges that they have to overcome.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a genre where the characters,plot,and setting are fake but the technology like flying cars could happen in the future.

Realistic Fiction

Realistic fiction is where the story presents something that could happen in real life but the characters are fake.

Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is when the characters and plot are fake but the event happened in real life.


Mystery are where there is a detective and they have to solve a crime or many crimes.


Humor is where the book is made to make the reader laugh.Most humor books are comics.


A biography is detailed description of a person's life.It starts from birth to death and has many interesting facts about them


A story written about that person written by the person that it is about.


Memoir is a collection of memories,moments or events that an author writes about that came from his/her life.


A horror story is intended to make you scared.They can be about anything that can make you terrified.


Romance is about 2 people who fall in love.

Adventure book list

Ratfink By Marcia Thorton Jones

Logan is a big trouble maker until his grampa comes to town and teaches him some things.

Holes by Louis Sachar

Stanley is going to Camp Green Lake which is different from all other summer camps.Almost otherworldly

Scat by Carl Hiaasen

When Bunny Starch the most feared biology teacher disappears most of her students are relieved but one thinks something is wrong

Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

People tell Alex that his uncle died in a car accident but he knows that that's not true.But what he didn't know is that his uncle worked for M16.

Hatchet by Gary Paulson

After his plane crashes Brain must use his instincts and his hatchet to survive in the wild

Call it Courage by Armstrong Sperry

Maftu is afraid of the sea.But when he is thrown into it he must overcome his fear and survive the ocean

Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl

Three farmers are after Mr.Fox. Will he survive the chase of his life?

The Emerald Quest by Renee Pawlish

A long lost emerald,a missing treasure map,and a wealthy villain.Will Noah survive?

Mystery Book list

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L Konigsburg

when little Claudia runs away from home to live in the museum of arts in downtown then some one steals the statue that is worth 10 million dollars how will she find it?

The Midnight Tunnel by Angie Frazier

someone has gone missing how will suzanna find the missing person

The Wig in the Window by Kristen Kittscher

Best friends Shopie and Grace spy on one of their neighbors and they see a very bloody scene which there neighbors is they teacher.

The kneebone boy by Ellen Potter

In a small town people are cursory about how and what do in the town or where they life just like a boy named kneebone

When you reach me by Rebbeca Stead

when its a normal day and your just walking and mysterious notes from someone which is defying time and space

Girls Best Friend by Leslie Margolis

Dogs are disappearing across the neighborhood.Can Maggie find out who is doing this?

Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

Holmes is here with more mysteries and crimes to solve.

Mystery of the Missing Luck by Jacqueline Pearce

When the bakery's lucky cat goes missing all luck is gone until a mysterious cat appears