Room 125 Distance Learning!

Week 4: April 6 - April 10

Welcome to week 4!

Hello families!

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I miss you all and I am thinking about everyone every day!

Next week, starting April 13, Beard is moving online learning over to an app called Seesaw. On Seesaw I will be posting activities similar to the ones on here, but it will allow you to "respond" with pictures, videos or comments. You can access though a phone, iPad, computer or tablet.

Next week we are starting a new unit: Insects!

I love receiving your pictures and updates of what you have been up to, so thank you for those!

Please let me know if there is anything you need from me, or any of your child's related service providers: (Occupational therapy, Speech, Physical therapy, social work, or psychology). We would love to help in any way possible, so please don't hesitate to ask!

Talk to you all very soon!

-Miss Meredith

Do on the Daily!

Here are my recommendations for activities to try and do every day with your child...

  • PLAY - Play is such an integral part of what we do every day in school; in fact, it makes up a majority of what we do in some way. Your child learn's so much from play, even if you can't see it! During play, their brain is working hard to make connections to their environment, learn new skills, develop language/communication and so much more!
  • READ- Try and read to your child once a day, or encourage them to flip through their favorite books. Some skills to practice during this time can be: holding the book the correct way, flipping through pages, and noticing pictures.
  • Language, language, language!!- Many of your children are non-verbal communicators, but they still benefit tremendously from hearing language! Try and provide your child with language as they are playing, reading , or even watching TV. You can narrate their actions, label things around them, or even ask questions and then provide the answer. Even though your child might not respond, their brains are still inputting that information to use for later! :)
  • MOVE!- Everyone has access to via the access codes that were sent via Class Dojo private message. The "motion songs" category has a lot of class favorites and they all encourage your child to move their bodies! You can also always assist your child to help them stand and move different body parts to the music. Even better, go outside for walks and enjoy the fresh air, we go outside every day even if it is just for a short walk around the garden or playground.

Social Distancing Story

A great, developmentally appropriate story to help your child understand why we are staying at home.

Circle Time Songs

Good Morning Song for Kids (with lyrics) | The Singing Walrus

**Monday, April 6**

Daily Focus: Letter P!

Make the letter P sound, find the letter P around your space, find words or objects that start with the letter P!
ABC Song: "The Letter P" by StoryBots | Netflix Jr

Language Arts: Rainbow letter sorting

Practice letter identification skills by sorting letter blocks, magnets, or you can even make different color letters on paper, and have your child sort on a rainbow, or into different color categories.

Practice letter identification while you sort!

Below, I linked an ABC ASL song:)

ASL ABC Song - Learn Sign Language Alphabet

Math: BIG and small

Practice concepts of big and small by finding objects of various sizes around the house. If your child is new at this concept, try and find objects that are similar in attributes like color or shape, that way, the focus is on the size difference. A good object is blocks of various sizes or you can even break up crackers or your child's favorite food into big and small pieces to make it more of an incentive to practice!

For more practice, sort by big and small!

Hold up the two sizes and prompt according to level:

"This is the big cracker, take big cracker"

"Take the big one"

Story of the Day: Truck is Stuck

While you read- point out the rhyming words!

**Tuesday, April 7**

Daily Focus: Number 20

Count to 20 with your child, find 20 things to count around the house!
Sesame Street The Number of the Day 20

Language Arts: Practice writing/tracing the letter of the week- P!

Depending on the level of your child, practice tracing or writing the letter P.

Help them with tracing by writing the letter P in yellow or light color marker and see if they can trace with or without assistance!

If you have access to a tablet or smartphone, here are some apps to practice letter and name tracing.

FREE app: Google Play and Apple App Store

ABC 123 Writing- App icon is same as picture included above!

Below: Handwriting Without Tears video on writing letter P

handwriting without tears uppercase P

Math: Number boxes

Practice quantifying skills by using stickers, post it notes, or do-a-dots to count out the correct number per number box. After you fill in each box with the stickers or dots, count all of the boxes.

Story of the day: Little Blue Truck

While you read- practice WH questions like "Who said 'Beep'?" or "What animal said 'croak?'" and have your child point to the answer.
Little Blue Truck | Interactive Read Aloud Story Book

Tiny Tunemakers Music Class!

Once a week, Ms. Lisa comes in and leads a 30 minute music class. Students love music, and now they can access Tiny Tunemakers at home!

Here is the link to their website with all of the songs that we are currently practicing.

**Wednesday, April 8**

Daily Focus: Oval

Go on a hunt around the house and find as many ovals as you can!
Oval Song | The Shapes Song | Oval Song For Kids | Nursery Rhymes for Children

Language Arts: Shaving Cream Letters

Practice letter writing using shaving cream! Students love this sensory experience! It might get a little messy-but thats ok! No stains and easy clean up.

Start by allowing your child to just play and explore the shaving cream, then encourage them to copy letters or assist them in tracing letters!

Write the letter of the week: P!

Math: Patterns

Practice making simple patterns with your child using colored blocks, or objects around the house that are similar to make into a pattern (ex. use cotton balls and Q-tips, or spoons and forks).

Start by making the pattern for your child, and see if they can figure out what color or object comes next.

For added challenge, try an ABB or ABC style pattern! (ABB- spoon, fork, fork, spoon, fork, fork) (ABC, red, blue, yellow, red, blue yellow).

Story of the Day: Roadwork

While you read- practice WH questions by asking your child where each object is on each page.
Roadwork Read Aloud Along Story Book for Children Kids

**Thursday, April 9**

Daily Focus: Blue

Find the color blue around your house or outside!
"The Sky is Blue," Songs About Colors by StoryBots | Netflix Jr

Language Arts: Following directions

Practice following one- and two-step directions with your child by asking them to help with a household chore!

For example, if you are sorting laundry you can practice directions like "Take", "Put in", "Put with same" etc!

If you're cleaning practice directions such as: "Take," "hold," "wipe," "throw away," "sweep," etc!

Keep your language simple to allow for better understanding!

Another way to practice directions is playing Simon Says! This is also a great way to practice identifying body parts.

Math: Fine motor counting

Using a muffin tin, or small cups, tweezers and cotton balls or pom poms- work with your child to pinch the tweezers to pick up the cotton balls or pom poms to count the correct amount in each cup.

You can write the numeral in the bottom of each cup, or write the number in dot form so your child can "match" the amount to each cup.

Story of the Day: Construction

Construction By Sally Sutton | Book Read Aloud For Kids

**Friday, April 10**

Daily Focus: Letter P

Make the letter P sound, find the letter P around the house, find words or objects that start with the letter P!
The Letter P Song - Learn the Alphabet

Language Arts: Finding the letter P

Look around your space and find objects that start with the letter P (pencil, pillow, paper, pots, pans, anything purple, plate, etc!)

Also gather objects that do NOT start with the letter P (spoon, fork, napkin, sock, maker, etc!

Once you have gathered your items, sort them into two categories (objects that do and do not start with P). Hold up two objects and prompt your child depending on their level.

For ex. "Pan starts with P, touch pan"

"What starts with the /P/ sound, /P/ pan or /S/ sock?"

"Which starts with the /P/ sound?"

Math: Shape Matching

Using blocks or small, shape objects, trace outlines for your child to practice matching skills. If you have different color pens or markers, try and use the same color of the object to allow for easier matching!

While your child matches, work on shape or color identification skills.

Bonus math work, count with your child how many objects they matched!

Story of the Day: Little Blue Truck Springtime
See you all next week!!

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