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dôTERRA team news for August

The Power of Relationships

We all know that our business is dependent upon making connections and then continuing to nourish them. But this month I am struck by the power of our relationships with each other. How as team members we show up for one another and offer our support, our perspective, and ultimately, our love.

As your team blooms around you make sure to keep your lines of communication open, to be available and to ask when you need support. This is vital in stabilizing your organization.

As you develop your Power of 3 bonus, you will need to be in contact with not only your leaders, but the leaders that are 2 or 3 levels below you.

Having weekly check-ins with your 3 leaders is a wonderful way to share wisdom and ask questions to discover what they may be needing, and how you can guide them. Asking powerful questions about how they are becoming leaders, what they are doing to foster healthy communication and share what they've learned with their team is a strong way to fortify your business, as well as share the loving support that makes this path so unique.

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Crisp Perspective

I am continually looking for ways to streamline my life and business in order to create more freedom. Encountering advanced ways to promote my productivity while permitting the free time I so love and appreciate. This article has been an awesome addition in that vein.


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Singing Praises

In July there was some great forward movement, I love watching these folk stalk success with such grace.

Our top 3 enrollees for the month of July

Devin Fleurdujon

Brittany Aanestad

Stephanie Star Parsons

Top 3 Rank Advancements for July

Lisa Zaffran - Executive

Robin Larson - Executive

Elizabeth Marks - Executive

Congratulations to each of you, I invite you to reflect on what contributed to your successes, and helped your launch your business in these great ways. So thrilled for you!

New Month, New Possibilities

It's the first week of August, the dawn of each month is a fresh canvas. What do you want to create this month? What are your goals? Do you want to achieve a new rank advancement? Or perhaps you're poised for the next Po3 bonus? Are you looking at teaching more classes, or carving out new pathways to encounter new people? As always dôTERRA is here to rally you on, this time, by extending their Share the Gift promotion through August 15th. If you haven't learned of this, please click here http://www.doterra.com/manager/uploads/us/76d64db6ea40ab91ed974036cb1da6c984e1e342_1403719902.pdf

With the peak of summer ebbing behind us yet still plenty to enjoy, what are ways that you haven't thought of to share the oils? Hosting a summer BBQ featuring the oils, black pepper in the BBQ sauce, fennel and lemon in potato salad, while a diffuser emits wild orange are fun ways to share without the pressure of a class.

A ladies gathering (men too) with a spa theme featuring dôTERRA products is an easy way to engage friends and family, while the intimate setting is a sweet invitation.

In July, and August our upline Arin Ingraham is running a generous promotion for anyone who becomes a Silver for the first time. If you can help your 3 leaders hit elite, you will become a Silver, and be gifted $100 from Arin, Lil and Matt, that's $300 on top of your leadership pool bonus and the unlocking of the 7th level that comes with being a Silver! That's a motivator!

Setting up an LRP

The Loyalty Rewards Program is the cornerstone of our success. I've heard a lot of questions lately about how to enroll someone with an LRP, or help them set it up shortly after receiving their kit. You will have to find your words and voice in this process, but here is a great guide.


Sierra Wilde

Is a dôTERRA Wellness Advocate with over 5 years experience with essential oils. She has dedicated her life to health and wellness for the last 17 years, teaching yoga, and breath therapy. Her joy at sharing the wonders of the plant kingdom inspires her dedication to teaching the deeply healing powers of essential oils and building out Elemental Essentials. She lives in Sebastopol with her husband and can frequently be found in her garden.