Around the Campfire

The Happy Camper Class News

Topic of Study Week of December 3-7th

Here are three big ideas about people and places in the community that provide food that
we can help children explore:
1. Farmers and gardeners grow food that we eat
2. Grocery stores and markets sell us food
3. Restaurants prepare and serve us food

Please collect menus from restaurants and paper food containers with logos.

Straw Painting

1.Provide slick-surfaced paper (about 9 x 12 inches), short plastic straws (or long
straws cut in half), liquid tempera in margarine tubs.
2. Place the paint container next to the paper.
3. Suggest that the child dip the straw into the paint, move the straw over the paper,
dropping the paint onto the paper. Then child is to hold straw as close to the paper
as possible and blow the paint in any direction until the drops of paint are gone.