Fix Your Mistakes

Bethany Hansen p. 4/5

Analysis of the Development of Theme

I think the author has put the conflict in the story because without it the story would be boring. For example if it wasn't Loretta Lee who lost the purse then they wouldn't of almost got into a fight. For the setting if Max wasn't in the down under it might of not been easy for Killer Kane to kidnap him. If the plot was different then maybe Freak/ Kevin wouldn't of died. If Freak wasn't a midget then again he wouldn't of died. But with the setting. the characters, the plot, and the conflict it makes the perfect story . The theme that i picked is first introduced when Killer Kane came into the story.

Reflection and Application of Theme

My first reaction was worried, then it became more of confused because i didn't know what was going to happen when Loretta Lee came in. Then it became more of happy when the police put Killer Kane back into jail. I agree with what the author did because without it there wouldn't of been a plot twist. It would of been boring without the plot twist. I think the author developed the theme very well.


The story mainly takes place at Gram and Grim's house in the down under is where Max would spend most of his time in tell he met Freak.When he and Freak started hanging out they became really good friends. They started going on adventures by trying to the good things they got into some trouble. When one day Maxes dad came to visit from jail but he wasn't trying to be kind. He kidnapped Max and didn't want to give him back. In tell he made some big mistakes by trying to kill Loretta Lee witch made Max remember that his dad had killed his mother. The police had found them and put Killer Kane back into jail making Max safe again. As time went by it was time for Freaks birthday when everything went wrong in one day. Freaks heart just got to big for his little body and he died.