Manuel Noriega

"The Spider"

Essential Question

How was Noriega able to make his rise to power while being associated with various conflicting groups such as both the Medellin Cartel and the American CIA?

A Connected Man

Manuel Noriega is a man who fooled everyone. The head-strong dictator of Panama had connections all over the hemisphere from the CIA to the biggest drug distributors the world had ever seen. Manuel was able to build up a reputation and rose to power through the Panama National Guard in the footsteps of Omar Torrijos. He participated in the rebellion that overthrew the prior president to Omar and then in 1981, Torrijos died in a suspicious plane crash. Noriegas reign as president was short but had puppets in place instead. His power came to an end in 1989 when he was captured and arrested. He was cruel, neglected his people, and fixed elections so his puppets would be victorious. He was a cocaine trafficker for the Medellin Cartel and was connected to various drug lords such as Pablo Escobar, Carlos Ledher, and Griselda Blanco who are all known for the explosion of cocaine trafficking into American during the early 1980s.
Manuel Noriega

Analysis of Video

This video is about the rise and fall of Manuel Noriega and how he played both sides of the fields with the CIA and the mexican cartel. He gained his power by many years of military serves and from there on out he became a dictator. He treated his citizens poorly and wanted more and more power he had fake elections and tricked the citizens many times before and is not willing to stop. Manuel Noriega was a very sneeky dictator and lied to many people who he should'nt have in the first place with let to his down fall. The USA raided panama for Manuel Noriega for drug trafficking, Racketeering, money laundering.

Manuel Unknown

The man of the hour

All of Panama's money and power

Connections like a web up n down the coast

Motives on the down low, a deception to most

Paid millions $$ by the CIA for different reasons

Making billions with the cartel all 4 seasons

Acquainted with everyone from richest to the streets

Went from Bush Senior to Escobar to say the least

Rising through the ranks of the national guard

Assassinated a mentor and refused to cower

The rest of his life spent detained and barred

The sacrafices we make for money and power.