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Kindergarten Third Quarter

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Need A Little Inspiration? Or is it Patience?

If you haven’t seen Dan Meyer’s TED TALK about math education today, he can inspire you for a year of intentional teaching in ten minutes! It is possibly even more provoking as a parent. Dan Meyer simply and humorously explains why as teachers we must , “Ask the shortest question you can” and “Let students build the problem.” Children are not the only ones who learn better when they are motivated. Most adults will admit we could be more patient problem solvers. Let’s challenge our littlest problem solvers to learn more patience with mathematics by motivating them with the 3 Act Cookie Monster problem ! This BEST OF THE BEST activity from Graham Fletcher ( uses counters for mathematical modeling and meets standards 1.NBT.1, 1.NBT.4 learners to solve problems, there are also links to BEST of the BEST interactive games for building understanding and practicing new skills ... for example::

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