Rambler Family Newsletter

April 5 - 9


In this newsletter you will find:
  • Idaho Parent Engagement & Satisfaction Survey - FINAL NOTICE
  • How to find more information about post secondary scholarships
  • New artwork
  • SAT School Day on April 13 for Juniors
  • Kindergarten Registration save the date
  • Freshmen Orientation Save the Date for April 19
  • The construction and trades pre-apprenticeship program
  • The Coronavirus School Data report link
  • An invitation to become a substitute teacher
  • A school calendar
  • Breakfast & lunch menus for April
  • and more...

Idaho Parent Engagement & Satisfaction Survey

We have 24 responses to this survey, thank you for taking the time to respond. The results from surveys like this are used to guide future improvement efforts and it is most helpful to have a large number of responses.

Every year the Idaho State Department of Education requires that all schools survey parents on the levels of school engagement and satisfaction. The same questions are used in all of the surveys across the state of Idaho and the data is used to measure schools and provide direction for future years.

Please consider taking 3-5 minutes of your time to complete this Idaho Parent Engagement and Satisfaction survey. The survey will close near the end of March.

This will be the final request to complete the survey

Thank you

High School Orientation 4/19 @ 5:30pm

For all Jr High Students and their families that will be starting the 2021-22 School year as a Freshmen.

During this event you can look forward to:

  • Subway sandwiches,
  • Behavior expectations review (cell phones, backpacks, hats, dress code, lunch, etc.),
  • Attendance Policy review,
  • Credit accrual and requirements for graduation,
  • Athletic information,
  • Curricular programming and electives options,
  • 4 year graduation planning,
  • and more

Please mark your calendars for this important evening and give us a call if you have any questions. (208)630-6057 or christine@cascadeschools.org

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SAT School Day ~ April 13 ~ 11th Grade Class

All students in the class of 2022 will be taking the SAT during school hours on April 13. This important assessment is paid for by the Idaho State Department of Education and is a tool that can be used to gain college/university entrance and/or scholarships. Here is some general information about the test:

Before Test day, students will need to:

  • Create a College Board Account: It would be helpful to create a CollegeBoard account prior to test day, please click here to get your personal College Board account. You will need this account for a variety of reasons, the biggest reason is to have the ability to view detailed score reports and send SAT scores to colleges and universities.

  • Check the list of allowable and non-allowable items for test day: There is a specific list of items that you can and cannot bring to test day, please check this link for a list of acceptable and not acceptable items. If you are not a current registered student of Cascade High School, please be prepared to bring a photo ID that meets the requirements outlined here.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice: If you are interested in practicing for the SAT before the big day, here is a virtual resource to assist in your study recommended by CollegeBoard.


Please take a few moments to read through this notification letter about the SAT.

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KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION By Appt. - APRIL 29 (More info coming soon)

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Remote Learning Program Cancellation for NEXT School year notice

As we enter the final quarter of our school year, I wanted to be sure to reach out to all of our Cascade Rambler families to share a few things.

First of all, thank you for the support and trust with your child’s education. We know that there are plenty of school options available to Idaho families and are thankful that you chose us as your home school.

With that being said, I would like all of the Cascade families to know that we will NOT be implementing a Remote Learning Program at Cascade Schools in the upcoming school year. We have learned a lot this year about how to be flexible, adaptable, and prepared to engage with students that are not physically in the building. We have also learned that teaching in this dual role is challenging, exhausting, and is something that virtual schools do much better than we are able to.

I wanted to be sure to inform you all of this decision with plenty of time to research options that are available, and to make plans for your family for the upcoming school year.

We will be offering a full, in-person learning experience this next school year and would love to have all of your learners with us if you decide that is a good fit for your family.

Please reach out to me with any questions.

Thank you,

Joni Stevenson, PreK-12 Principal

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Cascade Schools is unable to offer Driver's Education classes this year. We are currently looking for a Driver's Education teacher, please give us a call if you are interested.

Construction & Trades Pre-apprenticeship Program

The construction and trades pre-apprenticeship program is officially off and running. We are working through some details for the combine event April 28-29 and will continue to work with our partners at UI Extension, ISU, National Guard and Idaho AGC on logistics, but the registration is officially open (see link below). We are working on lining up additional training partners for the combine event, and will add in their logos as needed. We are also sorting out options to pay industry instructors for their time, to ensure we have a great end product. Please feel free to share the link below with any interested parties. This training is FREE for completers, and is open to folks 18 years of age and up. Also keep an eye out for some upcoming calendar invitations as placeholders for the various components of the series.

Registration information will go out to area chambers of commerce, school districts, targeted employers, and be promoted on social media. We would love to see a 14-18 person initial cohort. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let me know.

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Scholarship Opportunities

We have created a public calendar to host all of the scholarship opportunities that come our way. Please check out the calendar if you are interested in seeing what opportunities your student has for post-secondary money. All materials needed to apply should be linked to the calendar event. Please email josh@cascadeschools.org if you find that some materials are missing.

Click below to access the calendar.

Scholarships Calendar

Click here to see upcoming scholarships, deadlines, and the information needed to complete each one.

Summer CAmP programming

Drone CAmP 2021: Grades 4-8 levels I and II:

June 14-18

Cascade Schools Elementary Gym

Limited Space Available

This STEAM camp has been made possible by a generous grant from the Idaho Stem Action Council. Drone Camp teaches students in "Level I" the principles of flight, basics of quadcopter flight, and legal and ethical aspects of drone flight. Students in Level II must have completed Level I and then use coding to navigate their drones. Level II students are also tasked with proposing "real world" applications of drone flight for science, industry, or public safety.

Summer CAmP 2021

June 21-30

Location to be determined, outdoors is preferred

Space Limited to 45 participants grades 1-6

Summer CAmP is designed to introduce and build outdoor skills and adventuring in the Central Idaho Mountains. This camp is designed for students who are entering 1st-6th grades. CAP's vision includes strengthening swimming/water survival skills, daily hikes to explore/experience/study the natural environment, self-sufficiency in outdoors skills and leadership.

This program is offered through our very own Cascade Afterschool Program (CAP).

Please contact cap@cascadeschools.org for more information on how to register.

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Weekly CoronaVirus Data School Report

Click here to go to the report

Eureka Math SOS for Parents

The curriculum is rigorous and we are seeing great results at school but realize that helping your child can be difficult. We encourage you to explore the following resources and if you do not find them helpful, please contact your child’s math teacher. Here are some tools that you can access to help your child:

  • Contact your child’s math teacher about the concepts, some great questions to ask are:

    • How does this concept fit into the overall structure of the curriculum?

    • How much exposure has my child had to this idea? Is it their first time, or should they be expected to know how to do it well at this time?

    • How important is this concept, should I worry if my child isn’t getting it?

    • What is an appropriate amount of time to spend on a piece of math homework?

  • Check out the Homework Helper that is in your child’s workbook, the Homework Helper is designed to assist with the big ideas of the daily concept and should be sent home daily when there is homework.

  • Jump on to Kahn Academy and search the grade level, module, and lesson # to find a video to help teach the concept (to either you or your child).

  • Create an account with Great Minds to access the Parent Tip Sheets, or contact your child’s teacher to get the most recent copy.

  • Zearn has some great practice resources that kids can use to reinforce their understanding of the concepts.

Have you ever considered being a substitute teacher?

We are in need of Substitute teachers now more than ever.

We have a great group of substitute teachers at the moment and we recognize that subs are the reason why we can keep our doors open and our kids learning throughout a school year.

Please reach out to Kristina Rowley (kristina@cascadeschools.org) if you have any questions or click the link below.

Cascade School District

"Engaging every student every day in character development and rigorous education."