The Diving Summer Olympic Tryouts

Just like your ordinary Olympic diving....but this time.....IN MERCURY! This is a Olympic tryout held in Mercury to see who will be competing in our 2014 games. Will you be able to take 92 degrees, 48 million miles away from earth, and dry airless atmosphere?

Diving Contest

Wednesday, June 12th 2013 at 7:45pm


We will be meeting at South Hunterdon Regional High School NJ parking lot where there we will depart at 3:00pm for the event at 7:45. Bring your bathing suit, flippers, and game face. Get excited for a once and a life time adventure!


3:00PM- departure from SHR

6:00PM- Arrive at Mercury

6-7:00PM- warm up

7:45- 10m Platform Men

8:00- 10m Platform Women

8:15- synchronized diving 3m springboard Men

8:30- synchronized diving 3m springboard Women

8:45- Refreshments

9:30- Departure back to SHR