Family Connections

staying connected through busy days of school


Congratulations! We have successfully made it through a full week of school and well on our way into our second. Just think, only about 30 some more to go. When I think of it that way, it just makes the school year seem so quick and almost brief. But when I think to myself, wow we are in school 10 months out of 12, it doesn't seem so quick, or brief. Perspectives are amazing, with one little change of how we see things, it can set your mind to a new way of thinking. I also love to be reminded that we get to choose the way we think. That is so powerful and one of the many character based ideas we share in my classroom.

2nd Annual Ice Cream Social

September 25th


Hoffman Park Shelter

if it rains... Greenwood Gym

Please enjoy this time to connect with other parents and professionals who care about your children, and who are part of the team to guide and bring the best out of them.

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