Courageous And Patient

Trusting Through Pain

Courage And Patient

Odysseus Quotes

1. Hermes said to Calypso, “Now Zeus is ordering you to send him off as soon as possible. For it is not ordained that he will die far from his friends. Instead his fate decrees he’ll see his family and still make it home to his own high-roofed house and native land.”

2. Odysseus’ knees gave way, his spirit fell, and in great distress he spoke aloud, addressing his great heart: I’ve got such a wretched fate! How is all this going to end up for me?

3.Put that sturdy bedstead out there for him and throw some bedding on, fleeces, cloaks, and shining coverlets. “Penelope said this to test her husband.

4. But Odysseus, angry at his true-hearted wife, spoke out: “Woman, those words you’ve just uttered are very painful. Who’s shifted my bed to some other place?

The Book of Job

Job Quotes

1. Satan says that Job only serves God because he knows God will bless him. • “But now stretch out your hand and strike everything he has.

2."Naked I came out from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return there. The Lord has given and the Lord has taken. May the Lord's name be blessed."

3. Job said: "Annul the day that I was born and the night that said, "A man is conceived." That day, let it be darkness. Let God above not seek it out."