Leonardo da Vinci's Inventions!!!

The history of Leonardo and his inventions ;D

About Leonardo da Vinci's Life

Leonardo da Vinci was famous for a lot of things! To this day people still call him one of the most inspiring inventors ever!!! :D He made inventions such as the parachute, the ball baring, and even the Ornithopter!!!! But if you want to learn more about his inventions read below!!!! :b

About Leonardo da Vinci's Inventions! :b

Leonardo's top ten inventions are...

10. Ball Baring

9. Parachute

8. Ornithopter

7. Machine Gun

6. Diving Suit

5. Armored Tank

4. Self- Propelled Cart

3. City Of The Future

2. Aerial Screw

1. Robotic Knight

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This is #10 the Ball Baring! :D I don't know what a ball baring is used for or what it is but it looks interesting! Hahaha
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This is #9 the Parachute!!! :D It is something a lot of people use for fun like when they jump out of a plane or something!
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This is #8 the Ornithopter!!!! I think it is like a bird but flown by a human!

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This is #7 the Machine Gun!!! Lol I know for a fact that this one is used a lot now days. Mainly in the war...
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This is #6 the Diving Suit! There are a lot of these used today all around the world!!!!
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This is #5 the Armoured Tank!!! This is used in the war but is called a tank not a armoured tank....
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This is #4 the Self Propelled Car!!!! I don't know if there are any today modles of this self propelled cars!!!
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This is #3 the City of the Future! I really don't get what this was used for lol but it looks like a bridge to me! Hahaha
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This is #2 the Aerial Screw!!! This is like a really old verison of a helicopter!
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Last but not least this is #1 the Robotic Knight!!!!! To me this is the most interesting one!!!!!!

The End

I really enjoyed this project!!!!!!