Kindergarten Newsletter

La classe de Mme Kathleen

Welcome to Kindergarten!

I'd like to welcome everyone to the beginning of a brand new school year. My name is Kathleen Ruff and I am the French Kindergarten teacher here at Ecole/Escuela Father Leo Green. This is my 8th year teaching Kindergarten, and I look forward to a safe, successful, and, most importantly, fun school year!
This is the first of 10 monthly newsletters I will create for the class. The purpose of this newsletter is to let you know what's going on in the classroom along with important dates, announcements, field trips, and volunteer opportunities. The newsletters will be posted on our class Edublog. Since it is a privacy protected blog between parents and teachers only, you will only be able to access it once I have given you the password. The password will be emailed to parents will be subject to change throughout the year.

Important Information

This section has some important information and some suggestions that will help you and your child transition into the new school year. The following information will not appear in every issue. If a question comes to mind about your child's involvement in Kindergarten, please consult this section of this issue's newsletter. If this section does not contain the information you need, please email me. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.