VCR Presentation 10

Colin Haley

My ____________ was not hitting all of its notes so I called in a professional to tune it.
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CLAVIS <L. "key"

n. A keyboard instrument, like a piano or harpsichord, with strings.


console, manual, ivories


drums, trumpet, flute, (any non string instrument with keys)

Choose the sentence that uses the bolded word incorrectly.

1. The black and white keys of my clavier remind me of Mozart and Beethoven; if only I was as good.

2. The classic image of the cat Tom, in the cartoon, Tom and Jerry, with keys from a clavier in his mouth is notable for many children.

3. Mozart grew up from a poor family but his prodigal ability to play the clavier is noted in many of his drumming pieces.

4. For Christmas my brother received a mahogany clavier with notes that sounded like honey.