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Inspired this week by "the weekend"

I hope that everyone has the opportunity to be inspired this weekend! Weekends are a time to take a break and re-energize, and especially after a busy first two weeks, I hope that you take time to enjoy the long 3 day weekend.

If you are spending time with family, taking a weekend getaway, working on a weekend project, or just relaxing at home, the weekend is a time for taking a break from the busy weekday schedule and is an important part of self care. We all need the time to refill our energies. Enjoy your time!

Staff Meeting this Week

A reminder we will have an Elementary Staff Meeting on Thursday, September 10 at 3:35pm in Mr. Psencik's classroom. See you there!

Student Access to Digital Curriculum Resources

Mrs. Kalich has been meeting with teachers to ensure you have login information and access to your Digital Curriculum and Resources. Part of this also entails entering student names so that they can access and use the digital curriculum resources. Please make sure you are entering student names and utilizing the digital resources we have available.

If you need assistance, please contact Mrs. Kalich or Mrs. Ramirez.

Wonderful Websites and Web 2.0 Resources

You Might want to check out Go Noodle.

This awesome website has so many FREE Brain Boosters and Brain Breaks that your students will love!

It will get students up and moving and ready to learn. There are even some "zumba" type dances that students can learn---while you can reminisce about our Inservice Dance Instructors!

Get Noodling

Check out this Great Blog Post about using Go Noodle

There are very few words that elicit much excitement in a classroom. “Pull out your math book!” “Good Morning!” and “Spelling Test Time!” are not as exciting as “Recess!” “Choice Time!” or “See You Tomorrow!”

However, the one word I can say and always know that I’ll hear hoots & hollers over is GoNoodle!....Click Here to continue reading

EAFK Reminder

Please turn in your "blueprint" for your Homeroom Shield to Mr. Betak by Friday, September 11. Thank You!

The photo is of one of the completed banners that the Rotary is making for each teacher. They are very nice and are going to make our ceremonies look sharp!

Friday, Sept 11

The Health & Happiness Committee will be providing snacks on Friday, Sept 11 in the workroom, any staff member who would also like to bring a "chip & dip" item is welcomed to do so!

Elementary Moments

Nicole Ramirez, M.Ed. Principal

I strive to be a Connected Educator that uses my online PLN to access resources, ideas, and information. I often participate in Twitter Chats, visit blogs, and follow Educators online. I believe this helps me to grow professionally, and continually learn. I hope that the Inspirations Memo can provide you with ideas, information and resources you can use. I will aspire to be the Lead Learner for our Campus, and I hope you will join me in learning.