No Teacher Left Behind

By: Deborah Mills


The good news is that more kids are in school, and for longer, than ever before. But if we want them to actually learn something, it's time to focus on the teachers.

Teacher's should continue to grow and learn. All teacher should attend yearly training for the up coming school year. Each school year e theirs are new software or technology that comes out. Teachers should stay ahead of student if possible.

It is imperative that educational administrators continually examine the issues that confront teachers on a day-to-day basis, keeping in mind how they can best assist their faculty in maintaining the focus on their students and the overall instructional process. The issues presented in the following discussion are provided as a sampling of concerns that are being raised in respect to the efficacy and support of teachers, their ability to teach, and the critical role they play in the educational process(Kinsey,2006).


Kinsey, G. (2006). Understanding the Dynamics of No Child Left Behind: Teacher Efficacy and Support for Beginning Teachers. Educational Leadership And Administration: Teaching And Program Development, 18147-162.