Kids staying safe online.

How to stay safe online!!!

  • While online you may join a game and get spammed. If this ever happens you need to email that website or tell an adult. The thing you really need to do is delete the account. Being bullied online can really hurt peoples feelings so don't do it. If the game is inappropriate don't play that at all. Some content can be very, very, bad for kids to see.
  • You do need to remember to do your homework first before you go and play games on the internet. Other than playing on your computer why don't you play outside or do somethings with your family. Playing the computer to long can hurt can hurt your eyes so that is another reason why you should be careful with how much time you spend on the computer. Playing games can also take your grades down because you're not doing homework or studying.
  • Making sure your safe is key. Don't give out your name, address, or anything that is personal. Doing that can possibly get you kidnapped. People who say that they can buy you something can actually be very dangerous. So never ever give out private things. If someone ever tries to ask you private things or for money, tell a trusted adult.
  • Making sure you obey the rules is huge. Don't bully online, how would you feel if you got those messages sent to you. Don't do anything that's inappropriate. Cussing, inappropriate pictures, and lying, is not whats going to get you cool. Just make friends don't loose them.
  • Don't chat people you don't know in the first place. They could be predators, trying to hurt you. If this ever happens tell an adult. Online predators need to be put in jail for doing the things they do, so don't take care of it yourself. People targeting you, aren't just targeting you they will do the same thing to tons of other kids, which could be bad for them.