The Class of Aves

My Study on Birds


People who study birds are called Ornithologist :) There are 10,000 known species of birds

Birds have so many unique body parts and they have extraordinary functions such as...

Have they changed? ... Of course!

Beaks and Feet Shapes have been the main adaptation In Class Aves (birds). Their beaks are shaped according to their food and their feet are shaped according to their habitat.

Who makes the first move?

I often wonder who should make the first move and have come to the conclusion that it should 50/50 in a relationship or as close to that as possible, but when it comes to mating in Class Aves the males do most of the job :D
Astounding Mating Dance Birds of Paradise -- High Quality
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What do they live off of?

Birds eat many things such as insects, fruits, nuts, and bread. I notice that birds have a special liking for worms and know where the good ones are as if they have a sort of built in detector system. Beep Beep Beep!

Where dey at doe?

Birds live in Heathlands which are infertile soil lands, Woodlands, Forest, Rainforest, Wetlands, and Coastal regions or wherever good worms lie.
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