By: Michelle Kim


For many decades, unrenewable fossil fuels were used to accelerate cars and drive people to places they needed to go.

But the past few years, fossil fuels have have harmed environments

Scientific Calculations

Scientist estimate that we will run out of oil in the year of 2057 and natural gas on 2064.

That's only 42 more years of oil and 49 more years of natural gas!


Over the last decade, many car companies have been working on a car that runs on electricity. Its cheap, beneficial, and a great way to save on gas prices. While it takes 13 dollars (depends, because of the gas prices fluctuate a lot) to drive a fueled car 100 miles, the hybrid or electric car would only pay 4 dollars. Unlike the fueled car, the electric car's fuel prices are very stable. Electricty, just like magnetism, will always be around, unless the human species goes extinct.


Electricity is not magically conjured out of thin air. Of course, there are many ways to obtain electricity in alternative ways. But many have been leaning towards nuclear power plants, the most cheapest and easiest way to get electricity. Everything was going great until one blew up. The radiation that dispersed was incredible. It's too dangerous to approach the site. It doesn't seem like much, but the effect it made was too harmful.
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The radiation changed the DNA of many living organisms, including humans. Mutations of plants and food were showing everywhere. It contaminated the drinking water and food for a whole population of people and animals.


This is why I chose to study the magnetic motored car. It is harmless, beneficial and will slowly save the environment.


- The first magnetic discovery was found in Northern Greece, where a man found that his shoes and nails would stick to this strange black stone, some 4000 years ago.

- In 1600, William Gilbert discovered that the whole world was a magnet and magnets could be made by beating wrought iron.

- Hans Christian Oersted during 1777-1851 made a magnetic field by charging electricity to the magnets.

Because of magnets we have learned a lot more about medicine, computer chips, telephones and electronics.


There were people in the past that made motors ran with magnets. But not in cars.
A turkish inventor has created a motor running at top speed using only magnets without any wire. He claims after his experiments, they could be running generators and make energy for other appliances.
But this website is pretty old and there is no other news, so it must have been a fail.


Yes, I feel like this would potentially work into the way of our world. Why can't we build a magnetic-motor if we can build a rocket that takes people to space?


  • I think that we should first establish a magnetic subway rail, because it is very easy to use, since the subways already run by a wire and basically go in a straight line.

  • Develop a small car that does run with magnetic motor and test drive.


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