2nd Grade Newsletter

Mrs. Fox and Mrs. Burrows


Reading: Understanding Different Genres

English Language Arts: Writing for Different Purposes

Social Studies: Science, Technology, and Society

Math: Numeration to 1,200 and Addition & Subtraction

Science: Insects

Spelling: Pattern: (er)-the(er) sound in initial, medial, or final position of a base word =”er”

The (er) sound after “w”=”or”

Regular - number, thunder, lantern, swerve

Irregular – tender, worry, worth, slender

Content – insects, inventor


Monday (Spelling) – Practice your spelling words

Tuesday (Math) –

Wednesday (Reading) – Reading Response Worksheet

Thursday (Math) –

Friday – Have a Wonderful weekend!!

Upcoming Events

May 20 - Field Day

May 30 - student Holiday

May 31 - 2nd Grade Award Day – 9:30 am in classrooms.

June 2- EOY classroom parties (11:00-12:00)

June 2-Last Day of School- Early Dismissal (12:10 pm)

School Information

  • PLEASE Initial your child’s agenda & home reading record DAILY. This is a daily communication between parent(s) and teacher.

  • Please remember that your child’s homework needs to be turned in DAILY

  • Lunch cost: $2.25

  • Please remember to pay the balance on your child’s lunch account.

  • Please notify the office and teacher of transportation changes.

  • Conference period – 2:20-3:00