I want to show you something

Kelsey Tucker

Me and my sister were waiting at Chili's for my dad to pick us up. We were in 4th grade then so it was a little different then it is now. When he got there, we said goodbye to our mom and got in. When we got in, he asked us what we would name a leopard. I thought that it was weird so I said " Uhhh. I don't know. Spot I guess." The rest of the ride was quiet, but I didn't mind. Especially when dad asked that unusual question.

When we got home he said," Girls, I want to show you something." In my head I was thinking, great because when he says that, it usually means that he wants to show us a car part that he finished working on. So he brings us to the back door, and behind it was something in the shape of a dog, but since the door was translucent, I couldn't get any details of what it looked like. When he opened the door, there was a dog. A soft, ear pricked, tail wagging dog! One very unique thing that I noticed right away was her eyes. They were brown, but in her left eye was a tiny, light blue speck right at the top.

I asked my dad who's dog it was, and he said, "She's ours." But of course I didn't believe him so I said, "You're lying." But when he said that she was ours for about three more times, I finally believed him. Then I asked if she was a boy or girl just to make sure, and of course he said, "Girl." Then I asked what her name was, but he said that she didn't have a name so, after several suggestions, we finally agreed to Rosie because of her reddish colored coat. After we agreed on the name, we went to the pet store to buy her some food. But of course we had to get her other things like, toys, a collar, a matching leash and harness, and last, but not least, a nice sparkly pink dog tag.

After we bought everything we needed, we put on her new collar and new dog tag. When we finished, we took her to the dog park across the parking lot. We let her play for a while and then we took her home. When we got home we played with her for hours. We just couldn't believe that we had a dog! That was the best day of my life. I will never forget the time that we got our very special dog, Rosie.

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