The Great Basin

Land of the Wild

The Great Basin

We call the vast expanse of The Great Basin our home. Our life and culture came from this place, the deserts, watersheds, mountains.

We ate fish, small game, corn, fruit, nuts, and berries that lived and grew in abundance. Occasionally, we ate prairie dogs, rats ,snakes, grasshoppers, grub, and roots.

The clothing we wore came from the animals and plants around us. Animal skins were decorated with feathers, shells and sometimes dyed from plants. White people brought fabric from cotton with bright buttons, that changed the way we dressed.

Our homes vary from tepees to log houses, which are usually located in the mountains. Some structures were built partly under ground and primitive dwelling covered mats, rushes, or bark. Others chose to live lean-tos, also known as wickiups.

We are a very spiritual people and our religions are tied to nature. We believe in supernatural power and are guided by our shamans. Some of our ceremonies last for days and include eating plants to help us have visions and get closer to the great spirits.

We made pottery from clay, woven matts and baskets from grass, blankets from plant fibers and tools from stone, wood and sinew. Some of our weaponry included spears, bow and arrows and atlatls for launching spearheads.

We are connected to the land and the Great Basin that we call home.

Did you know? (current event)

In our current time, the Great Basin is being slowly contaminated by the hot air pollution, creating storms that have continued to get worse. The great basin is trapped in a hot bubble of air (thermal bubble), swarming with smog and hot air.