Tristen Carrender

Daily Activities

Work on peoples teeth and give x-rays of a humans mouth.

Working conditions

Have a high level of social contact. Dentists work constantly with patients or coworkers. Are exposed on a daily basis to the diseases and infections carried by patients. Must fully complete and be exact in their work. Any errors could cause their patients to experience pain. May work 40 hours a week. Some work more, especially dentists starting new practices.

Yearly wages


Preparation and / or training

have a high school diploma or equivalent, complete at least two years of college, take science courses in college, graduate from dental school, and pass a state exam to get a license.

5 important skills and abilities

  • Gross and fine motor skills sufficient to provide safe and effective patient care, Possession of adequate sensory perception in hands and fingers in order to detect and remove tooth deposits, Full manual dexterity including the functioning of both arms, both wrists, both hands and all fingers, Tactile ability sufficient for the use of small instruments with control sufficient for instrumentation,and the Ability to manipulate clinical and laboratory instruments and syringes with sufficient fine motor control to operate in a safe manner to avoid patient injury

Recommended core classes and electives

Core classes-English math and history

Electives-foreign language and performing arts

Child's First Trip To The Dentist
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