Fayetteville, North Carolina

Fayetteville is located in southern North Carolina.

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Who lives here?

The person who lives in Fayetteville is my 78 year-old grandmother who has been there for over thirty years of her life. According to her, it gets very cold in the winter and it snows frequently. When it is summer time, it can get extremely hot but with little humidity.

Were your predictions right?

I've lived in this part of North Carolina before, so I know what type of weather to expect.

Average temperature of this week:

High - 68 degrees F

Low - 42 degrees F

Overall climate of Fayetteville

Fayetteville will be very cold in the winter with plenty of snow, when its summer, it can reach very high temperatures with low amounts of humidity.

Latitude and Weather

35 degrees N, 78 degrees W.

This city is in between the Equator and the North Pole. This causes the temperature to be moderate throughout the year.

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Prevailing Winds

The majority of the wind comes from the oceans in the East. This effects Fayetteville because it can have bigger chances of cold fronts and little wind.

What type of city is it?

This is a smaller city, not very big at all. Due to lack of buildings, people, etc, being compacted together like they would be in larger cities, it would lean towards having a colder temperature.

Hurricane & Tornado prone?

Hurricanes are very unlikely to get all the way to Fayetteville due to how far inland it is from the coast. Tornadoes are more than likely to occur in this area because this is a type of climate that mixes with hot and cold air which encourages tornado weather.


Fayetteville is somewhat close to large and small mountains, none are coastal. The mountain's proximity can have an effect on the weather due to the elevation and because they tend to be on the Leeward side.
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It is a couple hours drive from the Atlantic Ocean. The ocean does not effect this city in an impactful way because Fayetteville is not fairly close to the ocean.

If my city was moved closer to the ocean, it would more than likely have an increase of cold fronts because we are in between the Equator and North Pole which means that the weather will have a happy medium.