Jefferson: A Pragmatic President

By: Sean Santiago and Dylan Garman


A person who deals with things sensible and realistically in a way that is based on practical then theoretical decisions.

Financial Plan

  • Jefferson kept almost everything about Hamilton's plan except the excess tax. This was pragmatic, because it went against his belief that the government having a federal bank wasn't in the constitution.

Lousiana Purchase

  • Jefferson sent ministers to offer Spain 10 million dollars for New Orleans Port and West Florida.
  • It went against his core beliefs of buying foreign land, but it also helped American farmers near the Ohio River Valley to have access to the Mississippi River
  • River was key to farmers economic well being as well as a vent for surplus grain and meat
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The Bank

  • He kept the bank around even though it went against his core belief.
  • It benefited the wealthier folk.
  • Jefferson kept it because it kept the government's money in balance and contributed to the war's debt.