Colonizing Tejas

Jaheim Ramnarine period 7


Hello Anglo's I am telling you about very cheap land here in Tejas. There are many places you can colonize. Guess what you all can leave your debt behind. You can buy 1 acre of land and it would cost 12.5 cents an acre.

Smell of pine trees

The smell of pine trees in the morning will cure your old stuffy nose! Also it will make you feel so much younger than you already feel.You'll be able to get sap from those trees to treat the sick.

Taste of food

You Anglo's will love hunting for caribou, deer and all kinds of different animals.We have a variety of different kinds of species and kinds of plants.Also the water is very savory and not infected with wildlife.

For sale right now 12.5 cents for one acre

Sounds of birds

Every morning you will wake up to birds chirping to a beat.The chirping of the birds will make you feel as if you can sleep forever but they'll stop chirping for a while and you will wake up.

The view of the mountains

The sight of mountains might make make you want to cry of how beautiful it is.The beauty of those mountains are just magnificent.They aren't the mountains with snow on them, it is a beautiful like rock with beautiful trees and animals.

The feel of wind in your hair

The way you feel the wind in your hair,will make you feel as if you are flying in the clouds. You would also feel as if you have wings because the way that you feel the wind passes through you.

Thank you Anglo's

Anglo's I hope you come to colonize Tejas and get your own land and I hope you like my descriptions on the land. Thank you Anglo's for taking time to read these descriptions.