The Day it Happened 9/11

By: Deanna Mayberry

Attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon

Our attackers were Islamic terrorists from Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations. It was reported that Osama bin Laden was financially supporting them and organized the group who were allegedly acting in retaliation for the US supporting Israel. Some of the terrorists that took part in this action lived in the US for more than a year and took flight lessons at the American commercial flights school and others slipped into the country months before the attack. On Tuesday September 11, 2001 those 19 Islamic extremists attackers boarded four planes and carried out the suicide mission. At 8:45 am two planes crashed into the World Trade Center leaving a gaping hole in one tower and sending the other tower crashing down. At exactly an hour later a third plane flew into the Pentagon and the fourth plane crashed in a field located in Pennsylvania.

How is this controversial?

The citizens of the US believed that the government was behind the attacks and didn't believe that Al-Qaeda were the ones responsible.
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Historical criticism

This is a historical criticism because, it was an event that could never be forgotten and we've had multiple encounters with Al-Qaeda in the past.

Cultural Criticism

This is considered cultural criticism because we've suspected every Muslim that lived in the US to be apart of the attacks even if they were born in America.

Media Portrayal

The media portrayed this event as a huge disaster. It was on every station being covered and bring updates every minute they got something new. They categorized it as a terrorist attack.

My Opinion

I think that 9/11 is a tragedy for everyone. No one really knows the whole story with the truth because of how everyone sees it. I do believe that it was a terrorist attack.