Ancient Greece

By: Cynlea Adams


My research project is on Ancient Greece. My first topic is the Beginnings of Ancient Greece. Why I picked this topic is because it lets me know how Ancient Greece got started. My second topic is about how people lived and how slavery was in Greece. The final topic is The End of Greek City-States. It sparked my interest because we learned about city-sates in social studies and also it talked about how the city-states ended.

The Beginnings in Ancient Greece Began in 1900 and 1600 BC.

The Greeks came from east of the Caspian Sea. They speak Indo European. They call themselves nomadic herdsmen. The very first invaders were the fair-headed Achaeans. Dorians came three or four years later and subjugated their Achaean kingsmen. People of Aegean Basin used gold and bronze for making paintings and pottery.

Slavery in Ancient Greece Lasted a Long Period of Time

Two-fifths of the population were slaves. Slavery in Greece was a peculiar institution. If he/she was well educated he/she was in great demand. Kidnapping boys and men was another steady source of supply when there was very little slaves. Athenian slaves were able to have freedom, get paid for work, and it gave that slave a chance to save their money. After he/she were set free they became a metic.

The Battle of Leuctria, in 371 BC. was Followed By the Battle of Mantineain, in 362 BC. ended the Greek City-States.

Sparta tried to maintain power by keeping Garrisons in many Greek-States. The battle of Leuctria, in 371 BC. put an end to the power of Sparta. Athens is the most famous city-state. Athens has more than 20,000 citizens. Than Phillip established leadership over Greece. Phillip came into power 360 BC. When Phillip died he passed his leadership down to his son, Alexander.


In conclusion about Ancient Greece, there was a lot of information I learned about Ancient Greece. The Beginnings of Ancient Greece was the start of it all. There were so many slaves during this time. All the Greek city-states were ended.This project helped me to learn more about this ancient civilization.


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